Nursing: Trust Matters: Regaining Trust During COVID-19 N48036

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About the Webinar Course

This webinar course has been previously recorded.

Nursing has been named the most TRUSTED profession in America for the 19th consecutive year. What an amazing accomplishment. So why then is trust in such short supply within the profession? COVID-19 has amplified the declining levels of trust exponentially. Whether due to strains on staffing, poor organizational communication or PPE shortages, trust between frontline caregivers and nurse leaders has been negatively impacted. This webinar course presents the inextricable link between Cultures of Trust and higher employee engagement, increased teamwork and empowerment, increased performance, and lower turnover. You will learn the role each of us can play in rebuilding trust that has eroded during the demands and stressors in the work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the webinar course, the learner will be able to:
  • Identify two competencies of trusted leaders.
  • List two strategies to build organizational trust.
  • Choose two actions to adopt to be more trustworthy. 

About the Presenter:
Lori Armstrong, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
CEO & Chief Clinical Officer at Inspire Nurse Leaders™

Dr. Lori Armstrong, DNP, RN, NEA-BC specializes in educating and growing nurse leaders to become their best enabling them to achieve great outcomes for themselves, their patients, and teams. For over 25 years, Dr. Armstrong has held executive level and senior leadership roles at top hospitals including Kaiser Permanente, New York Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Stanford Children’s. Academically, she earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice-Executive Leadership at Drexel University and is a graduate of Harvard’s Executive Leadership Program. Dr. Armstrong serves on several national boards and is the recipient of multiple awards including Silicon Valley Woman of Distinction and the Jennifer L. Howse Leadership Award. Most recently her passion for the link between nursing leadership and patient/staff outcomes led her to create The Nurse Leader Academy (NLA). The NLA is a uniquely designed nurse leadership development curriculum helping nurse leaders achieve top decile performance. Dr. Armstrong’s expertise, humor, and contagious energy make her a sought-after speaker, teacher, and coach.

Content Reviewer:
Michelle Doran, MS, RN

Michelle Doran, MS, RN, is a Professional Development Manager at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. Ms. Doran’s clinical and leadership experience spans primary, acute and rehabilitation care, school nursing, and the health plan industry. Her career has been heavily rooted in community health and working with vulnerable populations in urban and rural communities. Ms. Doran received her Bachelor’s in Nursing from The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing where she was in the AmeriCorps program and her Master’s in Nursing Leadership from Regis College. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at The George Washington University School of Nursing.

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