Pediatric Bundle - 15 Contact Hours - NPB15

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  • Common Pediatric Sleep Issues and Disorders - N1837

    Sleep difficulties can occur in up to 50% of all children in the Unites States. Yet only 5% of children in a national chart review received a treatment recommendation for a sleep disorder and children with a sleep disorder had significantly more sick visits/calls than those who did not have a sleep problem. Sleep disturbances and issues have been shown to be correlated with obesity, behavioral problems in school and other somatic issues. This course will provide the essential pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities for common sleep disorders which effect the pediatric population. It is geared toward all nurses regardless of level of education and/or practice.

  • Managing Asthma in Children - N1859

    The basic pathology of asthma is the same in children as in adults, but there are important differences in anatomy, physiology, and drug metabolism as well as developmental and psychosocial characteristics that warrant an examination of asthma from a pediatric perspective. A discussion of natural history sets the stage for comprehending the presentation of asthma at different ages. Variations in care are discussed from a developmental and family perspective. It is essential for the healthcare professional to apply developmental and family concepts in the care of children with asthma and their families. This course will discuss the application of asthma management in childhood, from infancy through adolescence.

  • Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma, 3rd Edition - N1911

    The purpose of this course is to provide the learner with the knowledge necessary to assess and implement interventions for children with suspected or diagnosed Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (PAHT) and their families. By recognizing predisposing factors and identifying persons at risk for perpetrating PAHT, healthcare professionals can be instrumental in initiating needed preventative education. This course is appropriate for healthcare professionals who work with children or their families. Additionally, this course meets Kentucky's continuing education requirement on pediatric abusive head trauma.

  • Mental Health Assessment of the Pediatric Patient, 2nd Edition - N1955

    This course provides learners with an overview of common pediatric mental health issues, including descriptions of the signs and symptoms for particular conditions, indicators of a psychiatric emergency, and appropriate treatment interventions for each case presented. Early diagnosis and intervention can critically affect positive outcomes of pediatric mental health disorders, making the accurate and comprehensive assessment of the pediatric patient's mental health a crucial component of each pediatric examination.

  • Childhood Obesity: Health Effects and Approaches to Treatment, 2nd Edition - N1965

    Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. A variety of factors, including family eating habits, biological issues related to weight regulation, and sociocultural and environmental influences all contribute to the condition. Obesity negatively affects both physical and mental health and can significantly reduce quality of life. This course provides nurses with a comprehensive overview of the scope and effects of childhood obesity. Assessments for obesity, resulting pathologic conditions, and evidence-based approaches to combat obesity are reviewed. Challenges faced by clinicians when promoting prevention strategies are also discussed.

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