Implicit Bias Core Course for Healthcare Professionals

About the Course
This course approaches Implicit Bias from a wide range of topics by several diversity experts. The course starts with core definitions of bias in both every day and professional life. It then expands to specific examples and strategies to deal with the same. Three national experts provide perspectives from three different points of view. There is then a dynamic panel discussion of three real world case studies illustrating various aspects of bias.  Evaluation for the course is focused on personal assessments of understanding and beliefs. Learners are encouraged to complete the Harvard Implicit Bias assessments both before and following the course to determine if their beliefs and attitudes have changed. The desired outcome for this course is one of self-awareness and exploration of one’s one belief as well as strategies for increased understanding and modification.  

Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of this course, the learner should be able to:
  • Explore how the mind perceives differences.
  • Demonstrate how bias differs from other prejudices.
  • Analyze the terms by explaining what implicit biases are and how something that is unintentional may be just as harmful as the intended.
  • Examine the dangers of implicit bias.
  • Identify and address microaggressions.
  • Examine strategies to recognize and mitigate bias.
  • Create an action plan to address conscious awareness.
About the Presenters
Kimberly Norwood,
is the Henry H. Oberschelp Professor of Law at Washington University School of Law.  She completed her undergraduate work at Fordham University and obtained her J.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She worked in litigation at a law firm before joining the faculty. She teaches a wide range of courses, including a course on Implicit Bias.  She has lectured all over the world, including in China, Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan; and she was among the group of experts advising Starbucks on the company’s bias programming.  She is the principal partner in KJN Equity Consultants, LLC.

Jennefer Witter, is the chief executive officer and founder of The Boreland Group Inc., an 18-year-old boutique public relations firm headquartered in New York City. The agency specializes in women-led and minority-owned businesses. A published author, Jennefer is an in-demand public speaker, who has given talks at TedX Albany, The Brookings Institute, Columbia University and Business School, The Durst Corporation, and Brown Brothers Harriman, among others. 

Dorcas Lind, MPH, is a seasoned healthcare communications professional with more than 25 years of experience managing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) communications, pharmaceutical and NIH clinical trial recruitment and retention, and health and hospital systems seeking to elevate their DE&I organizational action and impact.  Dorcas  is a national speaker on DE&I training around disrupting bias and is a proud alumna of  UC Berkeley School of Public Health, where she earned her MPH in behavioral science and health education, and Brown University where she earned a BA in health and society.

Monica Black Robinson, holds the role in human resources as a career development professional at Washington University. She conducts training for faculty and staff and provides resources and tools to facilitate career growth and respectful environments that support multicultural understanding and engagement across academic institutions and the community-at-large. Monica’s credentials include a BS in Organizational Management from Nyack
University in New York and an MA in Non-Profit Management and Human Resources from Washington University in St. Louis.

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