Georgia Nursing Bundle - 20 Hours - NGA20

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This package contains everything you need to complete your CE for license renewal.

Package contains: End-of Life Care - 5 Contact hours and Commonly Misused Substances - 15 Contact hours.

What's included:

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  • Commonly Misused Substances - N1940

    The content of the course focuses on the most commonly misused addictive drugs. Twelve types of substances are described, including their biochemistry and effects on the human body. The process of assessing and screening for these twelve substances is reviewed. Prevention practices and therapeutic modalities are also described.

  • End of Life Care, 2nd Edition - N1956

    This course contains essential information for nurses who work with seriously ill and dying patients and their families. By understanding the role of palliative and hospice care, nurses can provide the best quality of care at the end of life, while remaining respectful of patients and putting their wishes first. Content on advance care planning helps nurses become better communicators with patients and fosters a better understanding of the different settings and eligibility requirements for palliative and hospice care. Misconceptions and barriers to providing end-of-life care are also discussed.

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