Nursing: Fundamentals of Mentorship

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About this Course

Mentors have long held a powerful place in nursing practice, ensuring that the wisdom behind the art and science of the profession is preserved between generations of nurses. Yet mentorship – the practice of mentoring and being mentored – involves more than the passing of knowledge; it offers transformational opportunities to become our best professional selves. This course explores the fundamentals of mentorship, offering insight into a phenomenon that supports and strengthens our development as professionals, motivates us to expand our capacities, and inspires us to reach our aspirations – in other words, to help us do all that we can.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to do:
  • Distinguish among the roles of preceptor, mentor and coach.
  • Understand the benefits of mentoring to organizations, mentors, and mentees.
  • Recognize the dynamics of mentoring and mentored relationships.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of high-quality mentored relationships.

About the Authors:
Michelle Doran, RN, MS

Michelle Doran, RN, MS, is the lead nurse planner and director of nursing for Elite Healthcare. She has more than 20 years of experience in nursing, ranging from clinical practice in pediatrics to leadership roles in nursing professional practice, community health, academic medical centers, postacute pediatric rehabilitation, and the health plan industry. She has authored several articles on such topics as ethical decision making for nurses, concussions in the pediatric population, population health, and childhood obesity. She has also worked with health care organizations in successfully achieving Magnet, Baby Friendly, and Transition to Practice accreditation. 

Barbara Shahinian, BBA

Barbara Shahinian, BBA, is a freelance writer, editor, and consultant specializing in content and communication strategies for health care professionals and organizations. She previously served as the executive vice president for content and creative for Gannett Healthcare Group, a media company dedicated to the creation and distribution of continuing education content and activities, professional news, and employment opportunities for registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and dietitians. In that capacity, she was responsible for companywide strategy, development, and distribution of content and marketing across print, digital, and social media channels. She is the former editor- in-chief of the print magazines and companion websites, TodayinPT, TodayinOT, and Nutrition Dimension.

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