Disciplines: Respiratory Therapy
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Author(s): Alexandra “Xan” C. H. Nowakowski, PhD, MPH
Peer Reviewer(s): David Chang, EdD, RRT-NPS
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Quality Improvement in Asthma Care: Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals – VIDEO COURSE

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Item # V7266

Release Date: September 30, 2016

Expiration Date: October 1, 2019

New VIDEO course format.

Led by Dr. Xan Nowakowski at the Association of Asthma Educators Conference in August of 2016, this interactive presentation educates respiratory therapists and other health professionals working with asthma patients on the topic of quality improvement (QI) relating specifically to asthma. By engaging the audience to talk about what they have done to improve the quality of care or access to care for people with asthma, concrete ideas emerge. Learning from and building upon real world successes from other health care providers promotes idea sharing of how to implement more integrative, coordinated, community-engaged approaches to care reform.


This course resulted from a creative partnership between the Association of Asthma Educators and Western Schools. Dr. Nowakowski made her presentation on August 7, 2016, at the Association of Asthma Educators 2016 Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

Video production: Ed Roy Media (Jacksonville, Florida)

Course Objectives

  • Describe how different types of healthcare professionals provide and sustain quality asthma care.
  • Identify opportunities for diverse healthcare professionals to make an impact on asthma care quality improvement.
  • Formulate appropriate strategies for engaging healthcare professionals in asthma quality improvement evaluation and implementation.


Alexandra “Xan” Nowakowski, PhD, MPH, is a medical sociologist and public health program evaluator who uses her own experiences of living with chronic lung disease to promote asthma management quality and equity in Florida and across the United States. She is currently on the faculty in medicine and sociology at Florida State University. Her work in asthma care quality improvement emphasizes team collaboration, patient engagement, mixed methods, and community empowerment.

Dr. Nowakowski has worked with the Florida Asthma Program since January of 2012. Before joining the National Asthma Program project team for Florida, she conducted evaluations of biomedical research capacity in Florida, health needs for multi-site urban and rural clinics in Florida’s Big Bend area, local health department training needs, pain management capacity and financing at New Jersey hospitals, and school-based interventions for occupational health and safety.

In recent years, Dr. Nowakowski has worked on evaluations of medication therapy management programs and long-term care coverage initiatives for Florida Medicaid, as well as assessment of pain management processes and experiences in university health centers. She also collaborated with numerous academic and public sector partners to start a community health center in Havana, Florida, and now focuses on user satisfaction evaluation as a member of the clinic’s board of directors. She has also co-authored a book about health research that engages patient narratives of trauma and hardship, to be published by Taylor & Francis.

Dr. Nowakowski holds PhD and MS degrees in medical sociology from Florida State University, as well as an MPH in health systems and policy from Rutgers University. Her interest in evidence-based asthma management and patient empowerment results from having lived with chronic autoimmune disease since birth, including asthmatic conditions and other mucous membrane disorders. She finds fulfillment in helping her peers achieve the best health and quality of life possible.


David Chang, EdD, RRT-NPS, is a professor in the Department of Cardiorespiratory Care at the University of South Alabama, Mobile, and the lead planner for the Respiratory Therapy program at Western Schools. He has served on many committees and in many capacities at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), National Board for Respiratory Care, and Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. Dr. Chang’s special interests are in research and mechanical ventilation. He has published five textbooks and developed an open source website, Rtexam.com, for students and practitioners. Dr. Chang conducts training sessions for students and educators at the state, national, and international levels.

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