Disciplines: Respiratory Therapy

2 Contact Hours

Author(s): Helen Schaar Corning, RRT, RCP
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Contents: 1 Course Book (24 pages)

Passy-Muir Tracheal and Ventilator Speaking Valves

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Item # V7162
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This course outlines the utilization, benefits, indications, contraindications, warnings, assessment guidelines and protocols associated with speaking valves for patients with tracheostomies. Patients with complicated medical diagnoses who are unable to maintain a patent airway may require a life-sustaining tracheostomy tube. The need for an artificial airway and the loss of the ability to communicate are major sources of stress and anxiety to these patients. A speaking valve can be a very beneficial part of the overall therapeutic regimen of care for these patients.

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Course Objectives
  • Contrast various tracheostomy tubes and the utilization of each type.
  • List the primary benefits of speaking valves for tracheotomized patients.
  • Differentiate between open versus closed position speaking valves.
  • Detail the benefits of the Passy-Muir speaking valve.
  • Identify the indications for a speaking valve.
  • List contraindications and warnings regarding speaking valves.
  • Summarize pre-placement assessment guidelines.
  • Explain the procedure for using a speaking valve on a non-ventilator patient.
  • Detail additional considerations and protocol for utilizing a speaking valve on a ventilator patient.
  • Cite the benefits of pediatric and neonatal speaking valves.
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  • You must score 75% or higher on the final exam and complete the course evaluation to pass this course and receive a certificate of completion.
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