Disciplines: Respiratory Therapy

5 Contact Hours

Author(s): Susan Jett Lawson, RCP, RRT-NPS.
Item#: V7177
Contents: 1 Course Book (58 pages)

Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Warfare: Implications for Practitioners

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Item # V7177
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Types of threats, risks to practitioners, protection and decontamination methods are discussed in this course that contains critical knowledge for all health care professionals.

AARC Approval #145520000

Course Objectives
    • Describe how a nuclear/biological/chemical agent can be absorbed, and the main route into the body of nuclear/biological/chemical warfare, as well as where most attacks will occur and who has been responsible for nuclear/biological/chemical terrorism prior to 2001.
    • Name which agent in all probability will be used and name the vaccines that are available for certain biological warfare agents.
    • Identify the classification of agent for anthrax, plague and cholera.
    • Use an alternate name for “Wool-sorters” disease.
    • Identify the etiology of the plague.
    • Describe the CXR of a victim of Tularemia warfare.
    • Describe the signs and symptoms of smallpox and the target organ for viral replication in viral hemorrhagic fevers.
    • Discuss toxins and botulism inhalation or ingestion signs and symptoms.
    • Recognize a substance from which Ricin is derived and classify Sarin.
    • Described trichothecene mycotoxin attack.
    • Name the country nerve agents were initially produced and the quickest method to deliver nerve agents in to the body.
    • Recognize the most common cause of death due to a sulfur mustard exposure.
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    • You must score 75% or higher on the final exam and complete the course evaluation to pass this course and receive a certificate of completion.
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