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Respiratory Therapy

Hours: 3 Contact Hours
Author(s): Eileen S. O'Neill, PhD, RN
Peer Reviewer(s): F. Danyel Gooch, RN, MSN, CCTC
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Lung Transplantation, 2nd Edition

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Item # V7202
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Expiration Date: December 6, 2018

More than 30 years ago, the first lung transplantation was successfully completed. Since that time, transplantation techniques and procedures have continually evolved. As of 2012, more than 9,000 people in the United States were living with transplanted lungs. 

This course provides an overview of the history of lung transplantation. The course describes the process of lung transplantation from pretransplant preparation to self-care. Potential complications of this extensive procedure and recovery are outlined. 

This course is intended for healthcare providers who are interested in the care of patients with lung transplants. It provides an introduction to the complex process of lung transplantation and has relevance to a wide range of healthcare providers. Healthcare providers from many disciplines are needed to care for patients who have received lung transplants. Many lung transplant recipients now receive health care in their local communities. Understanding the process of lung transplantation will help clinicians care for this growing population. 

Course Objectives

  • Outline the development of lung transplantation surgery.
  • List the qualifications necessary to become a lung transplant donor or recipient.
  • Describe the criteria for a potential recipient to be listed on the national waiting list for a lung transplantation.
  • Describe the features of the lung transplantation process, including pretransplant preparation, surgery, and critical care.
  • Identify the complications associated with lung transplantation.
  • Describe self-management strategies for patients after lung transplantation surgery.

Eileen S. O’Neill, PhD, RN, is professor emeritus at the College of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Her areas of expertise are pathophysiology, advanced practice nursing, and nursing inquiry. Her clinical practice area is care of the adult patient. Dr. O’Neill’s research program centers on clinical and patient decision making, including the role of technology in improving patient care. She has been published in several leading nursing journals.

F. Danyel Gooch, RN, MSN, CCTC, has been a lung transplant coordinator at Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis since 2000. She is a certified clinical transplant coordinator and a member of the Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO) and the Organization for Transplant Professionals. She is also currently a NATCO introductory course consultant and a member of the NATCO Education Committee. Danyel has presented the lung presentation at the NATCO Introductory Course since 2004. She has also presented at several local and national conferences and meetings on the topic of lung transplantation. She graduated from Indiana University in 2006 as an adult clinical nurse specialist, with a focus on thoracic transplant.
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