Disciplines: Respiratory Therapy
Hours: 1 Contact Hour
  • Helen Schaar Corning, RRT, RCP
  • Sandra Cegielski, BS, RRT, RCP
  • Jamie Wood, RRT, RCP
Peer Reviewer(s): Traci Marin, PhD, MPH, RRT, RPGST
Item#: V7238
Contents: 1 Course Book (36 pages)

Home Health Care: Home Safety Assessment, 2nd Edition

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Item # V7238
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There are many differences between the traditional acute care hospital setting and the home environment for the delivery of healthcare services, particularly the environment and ensuring patient safety. Safety, accessibility, and caregiver issues are critical considerations. Research suggests that as many as one-third to one-half of all home accidents can be prevented through home modification and repair. 

The home safety assessment is one of the first steps the clinician will perform in the patient’s home prior to beginning any therapeutics. This course is designed for respiratory therapists who may be called upon to assess home safety as well as identifying safety deficiencies. Detailed room-by-room checklists are included as well as suggested inexpensive improvements. A brief overview of Medicare is also included.

Course Objectives
  • Describe the goals of home health care.
  • Cite the purpose of home safety assessments.
  • List five categories that are important in a comprehensive home evaluation.
  • Identify basic home safety and patient safety issues.
  • Summarize components to evaluate in the general home environment.
  • Explain accessibility issues important in the home safety assessment.
  • Identify methods of minimizing fire hazards.
  • List common changes a home will need to accommodate a home care patient.
  • Explain the roles the patient and family/caregiver must be able and willing to perform in the home care setting.
  • List problems that indicate the need to consult the physician and/or other professional medical clinicians.
  • Discuss pertinent governmental laws, regulations, and reimbursement mechanisms related to home care.
Helen Schaar Corning, RRT, RCP, has been a respiratory therapist for more than 10 years and is the original author of this course.

Sandra Cegielski, BS, RRT, RCP, is the director of clinical education at Victor Valley College. She also serves as the veterans health education coordinator at Loma Linda VA Medical Center. Sandra received her BS in business management at the University of Redlands and her AS in respiratory therapy at Victor Valley College.

Jamie Wood is a graduate of Victor Valley College. Jamie has also served as an in-home care provider.

Traci Marin, PhD, MPH, RRT, RPGST, is an assistant research professor and program director and professor in the Department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences, Schools of Allied Health and Medicine at Loma Linda University. She is also an adjunct researcher and advisor at the Department of Medicine, at Dr. John Shyy’s laboratory, at the University of California, San Diego, as well as the founder of Tranquility Community Health. Traci received her PhD from the University of California, Riverside, in biochemistry and molecular biology; her MPH in epidemiology and biostatistics from Loma Linda University; her bachelor’s degree in emergency medical care from Loma Linda University; and her AS RT from Victor Valley College.
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