Disciplines: Respiratory Therapy
Hours: 2 Contact Hours
Author(s): David Chang, EdD, RRT-NPS
Peer Reviewer(s): Marianne Jankowski, MS, DHSc
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Contents: 1 Course Book (42 pages)

Florida Laws and Rules for Respiratory Therapists

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Item # V7237
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Expiration Date: March 7, 2019

According to the Florida Rule Chapter: 64B32-6 (Title: Board of Respiratory Care – Continuing Education), a new requirement has been put in place for all respiratory care licensees. In part, the Chapter states “Beginning with the biennium ending May 31, 2015, a licensee needs twenty-four (24) hours [of continuing education] per biennium in order to renew the license, of which (2) credit hours must include Florida laws and rules to bring the licensee up to date on laws and rules of the Board and the regulatory agency under which the Board operates.”

This course has been developed to fulfill the new 2-hour “Florida laws and rules” continuing education requirement. Since there may be exceptions and additional requirements for individuals depending on personal and employment backgrounds, respiratory therapists should review Chapter 64B32 in its entirety.

Course Objectives


  • Describe the 2014 “laws and rules” requirements for respiratory therapy licensees.
  • Outline the key steps in applying, renewing, or reactivating a Florida respiratory care license.
  • List the fees for initial respiratory therapy licensure application.
  • List the fees for renewal of respiratory therapy licensure. 
  • Explain the citizenship, kickback, and sexual misconduct provisions under Title XXXIII, Chapter 456. 
  • Name three disciplinary grounds and actions under Title XXXIII, Chapter 468, Part V.
  • Use URL links to locate the laws and rules for respiratory therapists.


David Chang, EdD, RRT-NPS, is a professor of the Department of Cardiorespiratory Care at the University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL. He has served on many committees and in many capacities at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), National Board for Respiratory Care, and Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. Dr. Chang’s special interest is in research and mechanical ventilation. He has published 5 textbooks and developed an open source website rtexam.com for students and practitioners. In his spare time, Dr. Chang conducts training sessions for students and educators at the state, national, and international levels.    

Marianne Jankowski, MS, DHSc, is the department chair and director of cardiopulmonary sciences at Nova Southeastern University, where she is responsible for curriculum development for university-level programs, as well as new program design and development, the development of instructional strategies and methodologies, and the restructuring of current programs. She is also a member of the online adjunct faculty of Grand Canyon University and Carrington College/DeVry University. Dr. Jankowski worked for more than a decade as the education and clinical coordinator for cardiopulmonary education/rehabilitation/respiratory therapy at the Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, Florida. 

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