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Item # QSN13
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This bundle is designed for  clinician with an interest in developing their clinical skills in treating individuals with neurological conditions.  In addition to three courses focusing on specific conditions, this course includes an introduction to wheelchair seating and positioning.  Together this bundle offers a well-rounded selection of courses to enhance physical therapy practice and patient care.

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Impairments, Assessment, and Interventions, 2nd Edition

Price: $29.95 Hours:3 Contact Hours
Item # Q3508  

Release Date: August 8, 2016

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability in the United States, resulting in 2.5 million individuals assessed in the emergency department annually. Individuals with resultant disabilities from TBIs require thorough and efficient interventions from physical therapists to maximize function and independence. Each individual sustaining a TBI is different in his or her clinical and functional presentation. TBI signs and symptoms vary based on many factors, some of which are the location of the brain injury, severity of the injury, circumstances surrounding the injury, patient age, and the provision of timely medical interventions. Motor, sensory, and cognitive impairments generally result from a TBI. Research supports early medical and rehabilitation intervention to achieve optimal outcomes and return individuals to their previous levels of functioning. The updates in this course provide the rehabilitation professional with current resources to assist in optimal clinical decision making for those affected by TBI.

Physical therapists may encounter clients with TBI at various stages in their lifespans and in a full range of healthcare settings. The course should be especially helpful to clinicians who do not routinely encounter this disorder. This course addresses prevalence, causes, and classifications of TBIs; motor, sensory, and cognitive impairments of body structures resulting from a TBI; TBI-specific outcome measures; specialized examination and intervention considerations; and a review of the long-term consequences that may present in a person who has sustained a TBI. Supplemental resources are also provided for physical therapy professionals who desire to further their understanding of the care of those with TBIs.


Texas PTs & PTAs - This activity is provided by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Accredited Provider #1611021TX and meets continuing competence requirements for PT & PTA license renewal in Texas.

Ohio PTs & PTAs – Approved by the Ohio Physical Therapy Association, Approval #17S0587

Cerebral Palsy Across the Lifespan

Price: $29.95 Hours:3 Contact Hours
Item # Q3473  

This intermediate-level course provides updated, evidence-based information for physical therapists (PTs) who work with individuals who have cerebral palsy. This course will be particularly helpful to clinicians who have not recently reviewed the literature related to cerebral palsy, and to those who do not frequently provide physical therapy services for this population. Physical therapists who received their training before the profession’s move to doctoral-level training may also find this course helpful because of its focus on the clinical reasoning skills that are necessary when patients can directly access physical therapists without physician referral.

Most physical therapists in pediatric clinical settings will encounter individuals with cerebral palsy. Because pediatric and school-based clinical services typically end by the age of 21, physical therapists and who provide treatment in adult therapy settings also need to be competent in treating this rapidly growing segment of the adult population. Physical therapists who work with this heterogeneous population need to be aware of the many factors critical to clinical decision making. This course will address prevalence, etiology, diagnosis, classification, examination, evaluation, prognosis, interventions, and outcomes for individuals with cerebral palsy across the lifespan. The course also describes the role of PTs in providing family-centered care. Because the body of literature related to this diagnosis is extensive, this course will provide an overview of the most salient issues that impact the clinical decisions and care provided by physical therapists. Clinicians who desire a more in-depth understanding of cerebral palsy are encouraged to pursue applicable resources more extensively.

Texas PTs & PTAs – This activity is provided by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Accredited Provider #1611021TX and meets continuing competence requirements for PT & PTA license renewal in Texas.

California PTs & PTAs  – Approved by the Physical Therapy Board of California through Net Education Design, Inc., an agency recognized by the board to approved courses that meet Physical Therapy Regulations 1399.96.

Florida PTs & PTAs  – Approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA) approval # CE16-25866. Approval of this course does not necessarily imply FPTA supports the views of the presenter or the sponsors.

Kick It Up a Notch: Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for People With Multiple Sclerosis

Price: $39.95 Hours:4 Contact Hours
Item # Q3492  

Release Date: November 23, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve mediated by the immune system. Because MS has no known cure and can start in young people, with symptoms appearing as early as childhood, the disabling effects of this disease may continue to limit function throughout peoples’ lives. Despite recent progress in rehabilitation approaches , patients with MS still have movement impairments including losses in strength, endurance, and sensation, which lead to restrictions in activities and participation. While a cure for this disease remains elusive, rehabilitation retains critical importance for optimizing quality of life in MS. 

Gaps in knowledge about managing any disease process can hinder rehabilitative care, but the complexities associated with MS exacerbate the problem. Without knowledge of the benefits and safety of more rigorous exercise in MS, therapists may prescribe exercise of inadequate intensity, and discharge patients too soon, with minimal instruction for activities to continue progression in movement abilities. If therapists know enough to “kick it up a notch,” the rehabilitative process could have significantly greater benefits for patients.

This intermediate-level course provides physical therapy practitioners with the background and evidence to increase effective management of movement disorders in people with MS. This up-to-date review will enable physical therapists to better target the specific needs of their patients. The evidence supporting assessment and intervention tools can help the therapist select assessments and interventions most likely to contribute to successful outcomes. The evidence also provides an indication of the likely benefit of a particular intervention when it is applied with the intensity, frequency, and timing reported in the literature. This course starts with a review of the incidence and prevalence, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and pharmacological management of this disease. The course then describes rehabilitative management, including assessment and intervention for people with MS. The intent is to encourage therapists to “kick it up a notch,” to apply sufficient intensity of appropriate evidence-based rehabilitation that challenges patients and improves their quality of life.

Texas PTs & PTAs - This activity is provided by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Accredited Provider #1611021TX and meets continuing competence requirements for PT & PTA license renewal in Texas.

Introduction to Wheelchair Seating and Positioning: Considerations in Occupational & Physical Therapy Practice

Price: $29.95 Hours:3 Contact Hours
Item # Q3499  

This course provides the occupational and physical therapy practitioner with a broad overview of the assessment and provision of wheelchair seating. This course is written at a basic-to-intermediate level for the occupational or physical therapist that has little or no experience in this specialized practice area. Many people require the use of a wheelchair for dependent or independent mobility, and each wheelchair provides some form of seating. Wheelchair seating directly affects a client’s position which, in turn, affects function for all of that person’s daily tasks.  It is essential that occupational and physical therapists be able to competently participate as a member of the team in determining the optimal seating and wheeled mobility interventions for a particular client. Common diagnoses that a client using a wheelchair may have include cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophies. 

This course systematically reviews wheelchair seating considerations, beginning with assessment. A key part of seating assessment is the mat examination, which helps determine where and at what angles a client needs postural support for optimal alignment, pressure distribution and relief to prevent the development of pressure ulcers. Body positioning is critical; the body should be positioned to support the task that needs to be accomplished. Clients often must find both a position of rest and a position suitable for functional or task performance within the same seating system. The course explores available seating system categories and materials and describes specific seating challenges, including their causes, goals, and suggested interventions.

This activity is provided by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Accredited Provider #1611021TX and meets continuing competence requirements for PT & PTA license renewal 

Pennsylvania PTs & PTAs – Course Approval #PTCE011760

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