Disciplines: Occupational Therapy
Hours: 3 Contact Hours
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Larson, RPT, ATC
Item#: I6327
1 Course Book (28 pages)
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Shoulder Impingement: Diagnosis and Treatment

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Item # I6327
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This basic-level course discusses pathology signs, symptoms, and common impingement provocation tests. Diagnostic testing, treatment rationale, individuals at high risk for shoulder impingement, surgical intervention, and a case study is also included.

AOTA Content Focus - OT Process: Evaluation & Intervention

Course Objectives
  • Describe the pathology of shoulder impingement.
  • Identify the common signs and symptoms of shoulder impingement.
  • List provocation tests used by the clinician to rule out shoulder impingement during a shoulder examination.
  • Identify diagnostic testing used in diagnosing shoulder impingement.
  • Describe the rationale for utilizing physical therapy NSAIDS and steroid injections in the treatment of shoulder impingement.
  • Recognize those people at risk for shoulder impingement.
  • List common surgical interventions used to treat shoulder impingement.
Jeffrey P. Larson, RPT, ATC, is a registered physical therapist, a licensed and certified athletic trainer, and a certified manual therapist. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training at North Dakota State University in 1992. He went on to obtain a second Bachelor of Science degree in 1994 in Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. During the time he completed his second degree in Physical Therapy he taught human anatomy at the University of Utah. Currently, Jeffrey is Director of Physical Therapy at the Tioga Medical Center in Tioga, North Dakota. In addition, he is frequently published author in the area of sports medicine. He enjoys writing and publishes in several biomedical publications, i.e., Advance for Physical Therapists, the Healthy Athlete Magazine. He also makes scholarly contributions to the Gales Encyclopedia of Medicine.
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