Occupational Therapy

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Item # IST12
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Protecting Patient Safety: Preventing Medical Errors, 2nd Edition

Price: $24.95 
Item # I6395  

Release Date: February 27, 2017

Expiration Date: February 27, 2020

The purpose of this basic-level course is to provide licensed practitioners with information concerning the current state of medical errors, the impact of medical errors on the safety of patients, and the importance of establishing and working in a culture of safety. Contributing causes and types of medical errors are reviewed. Strategies to reduce or prevent medical errors and improve patient outcomes are presented. Methods to identify, analyze, and report medical errors are reviewed, populations at risk for medical errors are identified, and patient safety initiatives including education for the public and healthcare professionals are explored.

This course provides information to occupational therapist and occupational therapist assistants that can be readily applied to their practice, no matter what the setting, with the ultimate goal of providing safer care to all patients. Healthcare providers will demonstrate knowledge of medical errors and populations at risk, the impact on patient care outcomes, and the resources and initiatives available to promote a culture of safety as an integral part of healthcare delivery. 


AOTA Content Focus - Professional Issues: Supervision; Contemporary Issues & Trends 

0.2 AOTA CEUs are awarded upon successful completion of this course. 


Florida OTs & OTAs: Fulfills your entire Medical Error CE requirement.

Ethics Issues and Decision Making in Occupational Therapy, 2nd Edition

Price: $29.95 
Item # I6399  

Release Date: January 2, 2018

Expiration Date: January 2, 2021

The purpose of this basic level course is to provide OTs and OTAs with an introduction to the study of ethical behavior and action as it is applied to occupational therapy practice, education, and research. It is designed to facilitate learning and using the ethical principles required to foster moral reasoning and to practice ethical decision making in occupational therapy. Specific objectives include defining terms used in discussing ethics, describing the principles and values of ethics organized into the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics, relating occupational therapy ethics to stakeholders in society, explaining a decision-making process for analyzing ethics issues, and discussing sample case studies. The case studies in this course are based on issues brought to the attention of the AOTA Ethics Commission (EC) members. All names and situations used in the case studies have been changed to avoid identifying any person or facility.


Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee & Utah OTs & OTAs - Fulfills your Ethics requirement.

AOTA Content Focus - Professional Issues: Legal, Legislative & Regulatory Issues

0.3 AOTA CEUs are awarded upon successful completion of this course.

Leadership Practices in Health Professions

Price: $24.95 
Item # I6391  

Release Date: March 28, 2017

Expiration Date: March 28, 2020

Leadership is a complex topic that is best deconstructed to understand its parts and empower application. This basic-level course is designed to define leadership theories and models that frame current leadership practices. An exploration of various styles of leadership will enable learners to reflect on their own leadership practices and/or create a leadership plan for the application of new skills. The combination of leadership and mentorship education will enhance current healthcare practice to secure the future of the profession for the well-being of the clients served. In occupational and physical therapy curricula, leadership is addressed − but just the tip of the iceberg. Students may be exposed to learning and teaching styles, or leadership training may be offered in the workplace and perhaps through mentorship opportunities. These opportunities may lack proper definition of leadership theories and models that would enable the learner to be successful in leadership roles.



AOTA Content Focus - Professional Issues: Contemporary Issues and Trends; Professional Development and Continuing Competence 

0.2 AOTA CEUs are awarded upon successful completion of this course



Home Health Therapy: Using OASIS

Price: $29.95 
Item # I6404  

Release Date: May 16, 2017

Expiration Date: May 16, 2020

Home health care is the fastest growing industry in the United States based upon the projection period of 2014 to 2024. The demand and competition for licensed rehabilitation therapists to work in home health care is, and will be, great. Therapists currently working in or planning to work in home health agencies must have an understanding of the significance of process and outcomes measurement. The Outcome and ASsessment Information Set (OASIS) is a specific assessment and outcomes measurement instrument that consists of 111 items or questions and measures patient data at various times during the patient’s stay in home care. Mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, OASIS data must be collected on patients with Medicare and Medicaid at various times during a patient’s stay in home care. Therapists must be aware of the time sensitive and accuracy requirements related to documentation, OASIS updates, and the level of compliance and denials their agency experiences. Feedback related to documentation compliance and any denials will help therapists to refine and improve utilization of the tool for both improved patient outcomes and optimum reimbursement. The purpose of this basic-level course is to provide home healthcare physical and occupational therapists  and speech language pathologists  with the information they need to understand the significance and importance of effectively using the OASIS instrument in order to deliver comprehensive, compassionate, patient-focused, and cost-sensitive skilled services in the home environment. The home health therapist will be able to use the OASIS information provided in this course to create a basis for the plan of care, to measure the patient’s progress in meeting the established home healthcare goals, and to meet the regulatory requirements for quality reporting and reimbursement. By completing this course, therapists new to the home health setting will gain knowledge needed to begin working with the OASIS tool as part of an orientation in delivering certified home health therapy and overall care. The experienced home health therapist will find opportunities to review, reinforce, revise, and refine or expand their working knowledge of the OASIS requirements and to grow in understanding the professional implications of practicing in this complex and challenging healthcare setting. This course focuses on OASIS-C2, the most recent update to OASIS, which went into effect January 1, 2017.



AOTA Content Focus - Occupational Therapy Process: Evaluation; Professional Issues; Legal, Legislative, Regulatory & Reimbursement Issues
0.3 AOTA CEUs are awarded upon successful completion of this course.


Chronic Illness and Depression

Price: $24.95 
Item # I6386  

Release Date: November 28, 2017

Expiration Date: November 28, 2020

This  basic-level course addresses the knowledge gap by providing rehabilitation  professionals with an overview of the co-occurrence of depression and chronic conditions and identifying challenges in screening and referring adults with chronic conditions and depression. It provides explanations for potential causes of and contributing factors to depression unique to individuals with chronic medical conditions. Although individuals with chronic conditions are at increased risk for depression, this course also explores factors that may enhance such individuals’ well-being and diminish the likelihood of depression.


AOTA Content Focus - Domain of OT: Client Factor; OT Process: Evaluation

0.2 AOTA CEUs are awarded upon successful completion of this course.

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