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Here you can see all the courses you can enroll in and complete for CE credit.

  • Click the "Add Course" button to enroll in a course. You will be taken directly to the course to access materials. If you want to work on that course later, you will find it in your list of "My Courses"
  • If you've already enrolled in a course, it will show on this page as "Take Course." Clicking this button will take you back to any courses you've already enrolled in. These also appear in your list of "My Courses"
  • As we publish new or revised courses, they will be added to your membership automatically. We will send you an email on a monthly basis to let you know what's new.
Your membership expires one year from date of purchase. Some courses within your membership may expire before that one-year period. When this happens, you will receive advance alerts within "My Courses" if you've selected the course to complete. The course will automatically be removed from your membership and from "My Courses" on its expiration date, and you will no longer be able to select it or complete it for credit.

Please note that courses can be completed for credit only once during the one-year membership.

California Dental Professionals:
In accordance with California Code of Regulations (Title 16, Section 1016), a maximum of 8 credit hours may be awarded to you in one day.  When completing multiple courses, please submit completed exams for grading as you complete each course, not to exceed more than 8 hours in any given day.