Customer Testimonials & Reviews


Carolyn S. - Respiratory Therapist | May, 2018

“I have always had a wonderful experience with Western Schools. The courses are informative & consise. If there are newer treatments, they are mentioned & clarified as to the study's progress in the field.”


Reuben L. - Nurse | January, 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the work that was put in towards understanding Alzheimer's in terms of the devastation it can produce. I thank your organization for this wealth of information.”


Karen K. - Occupational Therapist | July, 2018

“The information provided in this course was very detailed! I am impressed with the information provided as well as the details provided for recommended evaluations as well as and treatment strategies. Thank you!”


Robert K. - Pharmacist | April, 2018

“This course was very well laid out and presented. I work in a mental health and substance abuse clinic and the information contained in this presentation will be extremely valuable.”


Barbara C. - Counselor | June, 2018

“This is an excellent review of ethical practices that I have applied in a long counseling career. The update and the re-cerification is useful. Some issues change and the clinical examples are always good.”


Michelle H. - Occupational Therapist | June, 2018

“I have done so many ethical courses in the pass and the information becomes repetitious in the way its presented. Ii was delighted that Western School has presented this information in a practical and understandable way.”


Susan O. - Nurse | July, 2018

“The course gave me some valuable information and insights regarding nursing leadership qualities. i also learned about important nursing organizations that can assist with career advancement and development.”


John H. - Dental Professional | March, 2018

“This was great. It allowed me to not have to miss a day of work and pay hundreds to go to a convention to get this CE done. Also very informative. Thank you.”


Jane W. - Dental Professional | May, 2018

“I appreciated that the material was well-referenced and included relevant information for the dental professional including the realistic scenarios.”


Andrea W. - Social Worker | March, 2018

“This course was very well written and I plan to utilize it as a reference for my practice. I appreciate the information and it is one of the best articles I have read, especially related to the new NASW code of ethics.”


Erin S. - Speech-Language Pathologist | March, 2017

“Wonderful, comprehensive course. This is critical information for SLP's because we are with patients through all stages of disease and disability. This gives us information we can then offer to them.”


Sri N. - Physical Therapist | April, 2018

“I'm impressed with this course being precise, and easy to understand. I love the explanation of concept with vignettes and/or anecdotes. Course is like a compelling novel. All details have fairly recent citations.”