Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Tiffany R. - Therapist | June, 2017

“Extremely substantive... a lot of information, and probably the course I learned the most from of all courses I've taken over the years.”

Susan F. - Nurse | April, 2017

“Thank you for taking an area of complex  expertise and summarizing vital information crucial to positive outcomes for trauma patients.Keep up the excellent work!”

Michelle R. - Occupational Therapist | May, 2017

“I love how you include case studies! This makes the material more interesting and helps it to really makes sense when put into real life terms. Thank you!”

James - Pharmacist | January, 2017

“An excellent primer learning module. Even as a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, modules like this are a positive learning experience.”

Bernadette - Dental Professional | April, 2017

“Your courses are the best,easy to read(I prefer the old fashioned paper version)and very well comprised. I keep them in a binder at work for reference.”

Mary V. - Nurse | June, 2017

“Very informative and easy to understand.  There were many controversial issues here.  I thought they were handled in a fair and easily understood manner.  I also thought that good examples were used of difficult situations.  Thank you.”

Tania S. - Occupational Therapist | May, 2017

“I found this to be very thorough. Even though i have been an OT for many years, I found this to be very helpful with continuing to be the best practitioner that I am capable of being.”

Dora G. - Dental Professional| April, 2017

“This course was excellent!! One of the best I have ever taken! I am very grateful for Western Schools so I can take well written courses and get my cont. ed when I am able to do so.  Thank you!”

James W. - Counselor | June, 2017

“The potential applicability of the information, content, and practical steps in this now much-appreciated course are in my opinion just simply outstanding and significantly promising!!!”

Kathleen - Speech-Language Pathologist | September, 2016

“The course was an easy read and it explained concepts very well. I especially liked the idea of the actual ethical principles based on discipline being included. It is true that our ethical knowledge gets away from us over time. The vignettes were powerful because most of us have and will continue to be faced with these situations.”

Wendie - Physical Therapist | May, 2017

“This was a great course. I can't wait to get to work tomorrow to put into practice the interventions described in the course.”