Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Brenda - Counselor | February, 2017

“The course was constructed in such a way that I could relax and learn and take in the information without being stressed over whether or not I would at the end, pass the final exam... and for that I thank Western School and the authors of the book.”

Donald - Nurse | March, 2017

“I am very happy with the online version of the course. In the past I have ordered the hard copy courses so that I could go back and review the course material which I now know can also be done with the online version. Very convenient.”

Martha - Respiratory Therapist | February, 2017

“This was very intense but very informative. Thank You I learned a great deal with this course. Look forward to taking more CEU's through your website.”

James - Pharmacist | January, 2017

“An excellent primer learning module. Even as a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, modules like this are a positive learning experience.”

Kay - Dental Assistant | February, 2017

“This course was great, detailed yet easy to follow. I will use Western Schools again for continuing ed and recommend it to my dental assisting friends.”

Agnes - Nurse | January, 2017

“I've been using Western Schools for my CEUs for 10 years now. The courses are well-written and the contents are useful in my practice. I highly recommend Western Schools.”

Carolyn - Occupational Therapist | February, 2017

“This course was relevant to my practice and affordably priced. Glad I found it to complete my CEU's.”

Janet - Dental Hygienist| February, 2017

“I think this is the best Preventing Medical Errors course I have taken over the years in that it pertains more to the dental situation.”

Jeanne - Counselor | February, 2017

“This course had essential and relevant information. I would grade it as excellent. I found that there was a large quantity of information to take in. I will use this course information as a reference guide in the future.”

Kathleen - Speech-Language Pathologist | September, 2016

“The course was an easy read and it explained concepts very well. I especially liked the idea of the actual ethical principles based on discipline being included. It is true that our ethical knowledge gets away from us over time. The vignettes were powerful because most of us have and will continue to be faced with these situations.”

Catherine - Physical Therapist | August, 2016

“I just completed several of your courses and I found them all well organized, very informative, excellent cited references, and good useful case studies. I will use much of the information in my practice. Thank you so much.”

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